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MOVED [June 1st, 2006]
[ mood | blah ]


my other one got all screwed upp

bamboozle [May 14th, 2006]
[ mood | =] ]

well it was exctaly what i tought it would be a "bigger warped tour" i had an amazing time we met some people and chased a few people and had some werid encounters with  them also. it was probably the best two days of my life i also saw many random bands for example H.I.M & AFI. my favorite bands were all amazing live during hellogoodbye dancing bannans & chewbacka came out they also threw a pool raft into the mosh  and people went on that and went crowdsuring it looked amazing during all american rejects i caught got in the pit and got punched in the stomach and i couldnt breathe, i was scared also ricky terror is my BFF <3 during underoath i refused to stop taking pictures i took 55 pictures of just them druing P!@TD i took 36 pictures and i kept stepping on peoples toes and shoving them to get out of my way during fall out boy panic came out it was confusing i also saw b.beck but i didnt chase him because i honstely didnt think it was him but i was right i chased panic at the disco and i was holding on to brents jacket i also chased aaron & tim 


[May 14th, 2006]
this was one of the best sundays of my lifes jaymee and lacey came over we played outside for the longset time in my tree house and i on my sing i have had snce i was 4 years old we walked to starbucks and obessed over zach efforn we also went to best buy jaymee wanted the HSM cd so bad we saw  a possed video gammer lol lacey tried immatianing him didnt work that way we also got pretty flowers but they died 5 minutes after we picked them i deicied to get a fake gun im addticed

friends only [March 1st, 2006]
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